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When it comes to a towing company you can rely on, look no further than Towing U. Towing U is the most trusted name in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience and a stellar reputation in the area, and we're always here to help our customers get the help they need.

On this page, you can get more details about our towing company and see why we're the best choice if you need towing or roadside assistance in Seattle.

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Bellevue in general, but the downtown in specific is a beautiful place. This small green yet modern city got its name from the French language where “Bellevue” means “Beautiful View.” This is better seen when in Downtown Bellevue, where you can visit a variety of places that show the beauty and the convenience of the city. Downtown Bellevue has many buildings and shopping centers and malls, which means there are many low clearance garages in the city.

Unlike tows from the street or open parking lots tows, low clearance garage tows are not possible with every tow truck. Such tows need specialized low tow trucks that can enter a parking garage and that could stay low even when it is loaded with a vehicle. That is why it is important to ask the towing company about whether they have a low tow truck or not. That could help save time when it is needed most, like when a parking garage closes at night and/or they charge per each hour of the car being there.


Redmond is an important city on the Eastside. Its importance is coming from the tech job opportunities that it has. If you need towing and roadside assistance in Redmond, Towing U is here to help. When it comes to towing in Redmond - including Microsoft and T-Mobile HQ - Towing U is the best choice. We can tow any car, including luxury vehicles - we can tow cars of any type including passenger cars and trucks. vans and SUVs, luxury and exotic cars.


With a population of about 90K, towing services are important in Kirkland due to breakdown on i-405 and other parts of the city. Breakdowns are not the only thing that could happen, accidents are expected to happen in a city that is the 6th most populist city in the county. Towing services could be requested for happy moments as well. Such as getting a new vehicle delivered to the house of a beloved one. Whatever the reason for a tow, considering the best towing company for you need is important. It could be a tragedy to request a tow for a new vehicle to be delivered home or somewhere else, and to see it getting damaged by inexperienced tow truck driver. So, the choice of which company’s service to request is important. Think of which kind of equipment they use and which kind of drivers they have. Also, think of how well kept their trucks are. If any of those are concerning, then thinking of a different towing company might be a good option.